The Fillers are the world’s first and best tribute to “The Killers” Formed in late 2006 in the era of Sam’s Town around the small town of Bury St. Edmunds and based in a country where The Killers had their initial success. Having interacted with the actual band at close quarters we’ve captured the sound look and feel of the Vegas quartet, performing tracks from Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town, Sawdust, Day & Age, Battleborn and Wonderful Wonderful.

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We’ve achieved so much over the years for something the started out as a bit of fun in a small Suffolk town. These are the highlights..
• The very first Killers tribute band (Est.2006)
• The only tribute band recognised by The Killers
• Members of the Killers have played with us
• Members of the Fillers have played with The Killers
• Our Brandon has been on tour with The Killers opening for them across the world on the Battleborn tour with his other band “Most Thieves”
• We’ve had a tour of the inner workings of the K’s studio Battleborn
• We’ve toured the world doing something we love (only almost getting shot once! Thanks Mexico!)
• We’ve played to biggest and best crowds in the world. Thank You!

Others will come and others will go but accept no “other” substitute.